You Can File For Bankruptcy Online

I suppose that it is a sign of the times that you can file for bankruptcy on-line. Whether it is indicative of the rough economic times or the trend of modern technology, I suppose is debatable. Whatever, if you know the legal requirements of filing bankruptcy and are familiar with all the documentation, you can even file sans a bankruptcy lawyer.

If you are some sort of legal whiz, you can do an on-line filing all by yourself, if not, you can hire an attorney or avail yourself of one of the on-line bankruptcy filing services.

Depending upon the type of bankruptcy you are filing, the fees will vary. Filing fee for a pretty straightforward Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy application on-line will probably be around $200. However, if you know that your case will be complex and you are not equipped to put forth a strong defense of your bankruptcy case, you will want to be represented by a qualified bankruptcy attorney. Such representation, of course, will cost more.

These days, even bankruptcy attorneys prefer to file on-line for the sake of expediency and profit. In the event that you choose to file on-line without legal representation, you will be utilizing the services of an on-line bankruptcy forms processor. Such processors can be very helpful to your efforts at on-line bankruptcy filing. They will suggest the proper type of bankruptcy filing for your situation, based upon the provision of your specific case information, and supply the proper forms for you to detail. Upon submission of these forms, they will review your documentation and confirm that all is in order. If any changes are necessary or additional information needed they will make sure to advise you.

Like any other service, you will want to choose a bankruptcy forms processor carefully. It is important that the person or company you choose has a good reputation and plenty of experience. Be sure to ask questions about how long they have been in business and how many clients they have represented. Check out if they have any special accreditation or if they are members of any organizations like the Better Business Bureau. Ask for references and Google them in order to determine if there are any current complaints or pending actions against them.

Once the documentation and filing information is in good order, they will file your court petition for bankruptcy. The only thing they don't do is stand beside you in court.

Filing for bankruptcy is a tedious process. However things are not that difficult now. You can even file bankruptcy petition online. Chintamani Abhyankar provides insight to this new concept.

Can You Avoid Bankruptcy? Tips on What You Can Do To Avoid Filing Bankruptcy

If you can avoid filing bankruptcy, you should. A bankruptcy can seriously affect your ability to get loans and credit for the next seven to ten years. Here are a few other options worth exploring, as well as a few tips on avoiding bankruptcy.

Debt Consolidation
If you are overrun by a number of bad debts, you may want to consider getting a debt consolidation loan. This loan can give you the money you need to consolidate all of your debt into one low monthly payment. This will make your bills much more manageable and allow you to start over with a relatively clean slate.

Credit Counseling
When you get behind on your bills, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Though filing for bankruptcy may seem like the easiest option, it may not be the best. If you want to avoid filing bankruptcy, try credit counseling instead. Professional credit counseling services can review your situation and give you advice to help you turn things around.

Tips on What You Can Do To Avoid Filing Bankruptcy
In addition to debt consolidation and credit counseling, there are a few other things you can do to avoid filing bankruptcy:

· Try settling your debts. Some creditors may be willing to accept less than what you owe.

· Tighten your belt. Skip the morning coffee, disconnect the cable, clip coupons, and use any money you save to pay off your debts little by little.

· Filing for bankruptcy isn't free. You're going to need to save up or get an extra job. Consider using the money you have and the additional money you could earn to begin paying off the bills instead.

Bankruptcy - The Solution


This is the state of being unable to pay for what one owes or lacking completely in anything that has value.It is not just individuals that go bankrupt, organizations also go bankrupt and some Government can also go bankrupt, that is why you hear of Bankrupt Economy. Bankruptcy can be avoided and should be avoided. However, the question is how many individuals or organizations know what to do in other to avoid bankruptcy?There are different types of bankruptcy, but for the purpose of this write-up, I shall only consider one type of bankruptcy---FINANCIAL BANKRUPTCY, as it applies to individuals .

PERSONAL FINANCIAL BANKRUPTCY This refer to individual who are financially bankrupt. Let me begin by asking you these questions, If you have One Million Dollar ( $1,000,000.) today, how will you handle it? What will be your priorities? You will agree with me that one way or the other, we all come across money in our day to day activities, but some how, some of us don't know how we spend the money. The biggest problem about money is not how to get it but how to handle it. Now, I want you to answer this question, All that you have in your home now, is there anything you wished you would not have gotten?

REASON FOR PERSONAL FINANCIAL BANKRUPTCY There are various reasons why people become financially bankrupt, but for the sake of this write-up, I shall elaborate on only three cogent reasons-which are,

  • Mis-Management.
  • Mis-place Priorities.
  • Acquisition of in-appropriate liabilities.


Before I let you know what Mis-management is, it is better you know what Management means. From the English dictionary, it means the act or skill of dealing with people or situation in a SUCCESSFUL way. From the above definition, we can say that mis-management is dealing with people or situation in an unsuccessful way. Better put as to deal with something badly. When it comes to finance, a lot of people are guilty of mis-management. Most people do not know the act or skill involve in the managing money. For you to overcome financial mis-management, you need to have an understanding of the other reasons people go into bankruptcy.


A priority is something that is more important than any other things and as such are dealt with first.By mis-placed priority, I mean priority that is out of place, i.e. instead of dealing with the most important things first, you deal with them last. In other word, instead of spending your finance on things of high priorities, you spend it on those of low priorities. Mis-placed priority is as a result of people trying to live a false life. A false life is a life that is inimical to what they see on the television, which in the real sense, is out of their reach.


Liabilities are things that do not yield you any financial profit. It could also be said to be things that have no financial values in terms of debt payment. Liability gives temporal happiness and a permanent pain or regrets. Having understood what liabilities are, it would be out of place not to mention that in life, we all have to acquire some liabilities. However, what am saying here is that, since it is imperative for us to have liabilities, we should have the appropriate one i.e. we should endeavour to have the ones we can't do without, rather than going for everyone that appeal to us. Here is a question for you: If you have a few Millions of dollars come your way, what liabilities would you acquire? Would you go for an expensive vacation in the Caribbean islands? Or as an African man, would you add more wives to yourself?


There is no problem without solution. Before I let you into the solution, we need to do some self evaluation and self test. You have to answer these questions first, Do you spend above your income? Have you ever had any regret for acquiring something? Alright, here is the self evaluation; take your pen and write these words down , "INCOME & EXPENDITURE". On the INCOME column, put down all your source of income and against each source of income, put down the exact amount of money you receive from that source on a day to day or monthly basis.

Example. If you are on a salary of $100 per day, then for 30 days you will earn $3000. Or, if you are on per hour then multiply that amount you earn per hour by the numbers of hours you work in a day , and multiply the result by the number of days you work in a month. E.g. if you earn $50 for one hour and you work for eight ( 8 ) hours in a day, then you have $400. a day and if in a month, you work for twenty( 20 ) days, then you earn $8000. in a month. Therefore, your income column will look like this,



That been done, put down all other source of income you may have and at the end, sum them together to have your total income. On the EXPENDITURE column, put down all your expenditure for the month in monetary terms. For example, if Rent is part of your expenditure, then against rent , you will put down what you pay as your monthly rent. So, it should look like this,


Rent ----$500.



at the end, sum up all your expenditure to have your total expenditure. Now, compare your total income with your total expenditure, what do you notice? Is your total income greater than your total expenditures? Or is your total income equal to your total expenditures? Or is it less than your total expenditures?

If your total income is greater than your total expenditures, it shows that you are above bankruptcy, but the degree to which you are above it depends on the percentage to which your total income is compare to your total expenditure. For instance, if your total income is 10% higher than your total expenditure, it means you are 10% above bankruptcy, which is not a fair grade against bankruptcy. On the other hand, if the percentage is above 60% it means you are secured fairly enough against bankruptcy. However, if your total income equal your total expenditure, it means you are on a dangerous path and you could fall anytime into bankruptcy. Moreover, if your total income is less than your expenditure, it goes to show that you are '' already bankrupt''. Therefore, you need an urgent and calculated move in other to come out of that state.

Moreover , the Solution tips given in this write-up is to help those who are teetering at the brink of bankruptcy and those, that are already bankrupt, to come out of it. Not withstanding, that it is to help those set of people mentioned above, those who are already above bankruptcy could also draw from it , in other to keep them permanently above. Below is the list of the solution tips, which I have outlined.

  1. Proper Financial Management( p.f.m.)
  2. Prioritized Needs
  3. Acquisition Of Assets
  4. Streamline Your Expenditure

PROPER FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT ( P.F.M.).A p.f.m. is the bed rock of all financial success. How does one or how can someone attain a p.f.m. status? For you to attain a p.f.m., you need skills and discipline.

SKILLS: The Skills needed to manage finance properly does not come from the Traditional Education System, which we all go through. Rather, it comes from a more reliable tailor-made special kind of schools, called sometimes Business Schools. However, since it is not possible for everyone to go to such schools, there are those who have gone and are willing to render their services to us as financial advisers. These advisers are there to tell us what to do with the extra money we have, the type of investment to invest in and how profitable an investment is going to be. So, the next time you have that few extra money (whether small or big ) seek the advice of a financial adviser.

DISCIPLINE: Discipline plays an important role in determining if one will be bankrupt or not. Discipline is what helps you to be wise in spending. What is a Wise Spending ? A wise spending is spending your finance on finance. It means that you spend money on things that generate money. When one is not financially discipline, the propensity to spend foolishly and on material things that has no long term values is high.


What are your needs? What are your day to day needs? What are those things you can't do without in your everyday life? Now, be sincere and ask yourself these questions, the things you spend money on daily, are they the most important things you aught to spend money on? Are those things so important that you can't put some of them away? It is true that priorities differ from one person to the other. What I mean is this, what is of least priority to me, may be of most priority to you. Whether, our priorities are different or not, what is expected of everyone is to set his or her priorities right. Take for example, a man that earns a total income of $10,000. monthly and he is putting up a priority of acquiring a Suit worth $5,000. do you think that kind of priority is in the right place? The bane of some people lives is that, they try to live the ''TELEVISION LIFE'' , ( they try to live the lives of the Hollywood stars and all other stars that appear on the television) and as such they place their priorities based on what those artiste wear, have and do. If you want to be above bankruptcy, then you should and must set your priorities right.


What is asset? It means something that is useful and contributes to the success of something. It also means a valuable thing-a property to which a value can be assigned. Another meaning of asset is Possession or valuable that is in the form of cash or can easily be turned into cash. Asset is the opposite of Liability. Most people acquire liability instead of asset. Asset is what could easily generate more money for you. The acquisition of asset gives both short and long term financial joy and security.

The secret of most rich people around you is the acquisition of good assets. A good asset is that asset which gives short, medium and long term returns on your investment. For instance, an investment that yields dividend on a yearly basis is a good investment. For you to know a good investment, you will need the required skill or acquire the service of a financial adviser. Below, are some assets you could invest on.





STREAMLINE YOUR EXPENDITURE This is where most People get it wrong. Your income is expected to be greater than your expenditure greatly, but in a situation where your expenditure equal or exceeds your income, it shows you require urgent help. If you will be truthful with your self, you will agree with me that not not all your expenditure are truly your most needed expenditure. So, all you need to do is to cut down on your expenditure i.e. remove the less important ones. Streamlining your expenditure would require some sacrifice and discipline. Don't act or live as if you are a santa claus and don't try to be a Bill Gates. Always remember this: '' THAT YOU DON'T NEED A THING DOES NOT IMPLY THAT YOU CAN'T AFFORD IT''.

Liquidation and Bankruptcy Tips

If you have found yourself in financial trouble and are considering bankruptcy there are a few important things to remember that will help you to get through it. Don't panic and stay cool, because the same thing is going on up and down streets all over the U.S. and Canada with the decline of the economy.

Cut your personal expenses as far down as possible and don't start drowning your sorrows in dope or alcohol. If you have a romantic partner talk to them and if they aren't willing to accept the realities that prevail and go with your financial recovery program then you are going to have to spend a little time being single, because they are going to leave you any way when things get real tight.

Remember that as soon as you're financial affairs are in order and you are solvent finding another attractive bed partner will be a cinch. You may have to get a temporary job that is below your skill or educational qualifications and the quicker you accept this and do it the sooner you will back crapping in tall cotton. People such as your in laws will try to run you down and make you feel like a failure but don't let it get to you and remember that as soon as the economy comes back up, so will your bank account.

Besides all these people that talk behind your back are the very same boot lickers that will be sucking up to you when your ship pulls into port. Get professional advice and there is plenty available online for free and many times your creditors will have sources for information that they can refer you to. Keep your chin up and remember that every fighter gets knocked down a time or two; you just have to remember to roll with the punches and keep on swinging.

Bankruptcy Tips and Advice - Things Every Consumer Should Consider Before Filing Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is an option that still seems to be a choice for consumers in debt. The first time you file for bankruptcy, you are facing an almost year long process. Even with the known bad side effects that come with clearing your debt by bankruptcy, most people used it in previous years. Bankruptcy can be initiated by the creditors, but it is usually done by the debtor to clear deep debt.

There are three types of charges you suffer from when filing for bankruptcy. First you will have to pay the fees to the court; these fees are of a few hundred dollars and cover the expenses for the time you spend in court proving your case. Second, you will have to deposit more money for the administration of your bankruptcy. Thirdly you will have to pay the recognition of your bankruptcy. These costs can go up quite high and seeing as the lack of money is the main reason for choosing bankruptcy, it may not seem like a good deal.

But try to keep bankruptcy as a last resort and consider other alternatives before making such a decision. The best one would be debt settlement. This is when you negotiate with your creditors and so reduce your debt by quite an amount.

Information about this process can be found very easily on the internet and there are some simple requirements which you must meet before starting to look for a debt settlement company. The first thing you should have is unsecured debt, but not just any debt, it should be higher than 10 000 dollars, because debt settlement only applies for deep debt; if you have smaller debt you can either opt for debt consolidation or you could make more debt, you can always make more debt.

Debt arbitration, as it is also known, can reduce your debt with the help of a professional company for up to 60%. Most creditors will accept negotiation at the threat of bankruptcy but will ask for the payment in a lump sum, so it is best to start saving for your financial health.